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Location and Site Requirements:

Although virtually any parcels are available, at this stage in our development we are able to customize any parcel to your needs. It will be platted as necessary to your specifications.

Human Resources:

For state-sponsored industrial training programs, see the attached letter from Kay Young, the Dean of Workforce and Economic Development at Weatherford College. This training can be performed at the Weatherford Campus (35mi) or the Granbury Campus. Graduate programs are available at a number of schools in the Metroplex, the closest being Tarleton State in Stephenville (35mi) and Texas Christian University in Ft Worth (35mi).

Rail Service:

Rail service to the CCofGby is provided by BNSF, American Pacific, or Illinois Southern to Fort Worth and then by Fort Worth Western Railroad to the CCofGby. Intermodal service to the CCofGby is via BNSF to Alliance Intermodal Center in north Fort Worth and then by truck to Granbury. As shown on the location map, many parcels border the railroad tracks. Railroad spurs will be the responsibility of your client. A runaround track, if necessary, will be the responsibility of the Developer.

Trucking Service:

Weatherford, Texas is approximately 15 miles from Granbury and it is located on I-20. There are four trucking repair businesses within the city limits and ten within 25 miles of the city. Essential, quality, local trucking service is available.

Environmental Conditions and Regulations:

Granbury is currently in an attainment area, quite probably eliminating the need to install costly pollution control equipment and/or put into place stringent operational limitations.


The Environmental Site Assessment was done by Reed Engineering Group, LTD in April 2008. The Geotechnical Investigation was also done by Reed Engineering Group, LTD in April 2008. The soils are clay and sandy clays. The PIs range from 16-40 and are suitable for industrial development. The above reports and the flood plain and topographical maps are available upon request.


Tri County Electric serves the CCofGby from a substation located nearby. It currently has substantial capacity to serve many projects. With a lead time of approximately one year, the substation capacity can be increased to virtually any power requirements.. Redundant power sources can be provided to meet high reliability requirements.

Atmos Energy Service supplies natural gas to the CCofGby at the current necessary pressures and flows. In approximately one year, the CCofGby can be supplied with an additional pressure and quantity of gas if required.

The City of Granbury provides water to the CCofGby through a combination of wells and a surface water plant. The water is provided to the CCofGby through 12 inch supply lines. Current well capacity is about 2mgd and the water plant has been recently expanded from .5mgd to 2.5mgd. The water plant can be expanded further. Lake Granbury water is also available. The Developer has water rights to Lake Granbury.

The City of Granbury provides wastewater service to the City of Granbury. Current capacity is 2mgd. 12 inch service lines run from the CCofGby. Excess capacity (flow rate) is well above the required 25%. Granbury is presently in the planning stages for increasing wastewater treatment capacity.

TELECOMMUNICATIONS fiber service is available at 1000mbps/1gbps (upload and download) provided by AT&T and/or Rise Broadband.